About the Company

Seymour Weaver, M.D., LLC was founded by Dr. Weaver and provides individuals with therapeutic skin care products focused on hyperpigmentation and natural skin care.

Melajuve BRS is the first product with specific ingredients in precise amounts to provide improvement for hyperpigmented skin.

Ongoing research is being done to develop and make new hyperpigmentation products available in the future since we are always looking for better ways to improve dark spots and skin discoloration as well as natural skin care.

Updates will be provided as each new product becomes available.

Online skin care consultations for hyperpigmentation are also available on a limited basis by appointment when prescription strength medications are required.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Everyone should be able to look their best and avoid the lack of self confidence and reduced self-esteem caused by issues with skin discoloration
  2. We will always do whatever is ethically and morally right for our customers no matter what
  3. All our products are manufactured so that what is listed on the label is a 100% match to what is inside of the bottle without exceptions.
  4. We fully believe in all our products and provide a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee for the purchase price, no questions asked.
On a personal basis, Dr. Weaver believes that no person should have to go a day without food and donates a portion of the profits from this company on a yearly basis to help support the Food Bank in its mission to tackle problems related to hunger.


 ASDSAmerican Board of Dermatology